Still Being A Goal Getter & Weekly Chaser

Despite my lack of blogging recently I have not stopped my weekly habit of goal setting and evaluation. I haven’t been as productive as I probably could have these past few months of the year in achieving my goals, but have seen progress still. I’m not completely satisfied with my habits in goal setting and progression quite yet though. I’ve actually been trying to change my tactics by using what I’ve learned and making it my own.

But before I go over my new goals and how I’m working to achieve them I wanted to review with you all the goals I last set for myself and shared on here.

  • Pay off my student loans of $7K by June

I started 2016 with $10K in student loans and had made the ambitious goal of being debt free a little over a year of graduating (June). This was a goal I knew and found to be quite ambitious. I’m not debt free just yet but have ultimate confidence that my now LESS THAN $5K student loan debt will be $0 by the end of 2016. I’m happy with this progress and proud of myself.

  • Develop a routine/schedule/budget to enjoy life more

I’ve been doing better and better at organizing my life. I’ve been able to make early workouts part of my routine more and more, but some days I find myself struggling to wake up just for work at times. I’ve had trouble being productive first thing in the mornings on weekends especially. My budget is basically set the same every month but I find my willpower against special opportunities and sales isn’t quite as strong as I hoped it to be.

  • Build my running endurance & speed to a 30 minute 5k time by 5k training.

Running and I are still not on the same wavelength. Despite this I’ve found it easier to get myself running more often than not without a set training plan. Since ending my try out of following a “plan” I’ve been able to do 2-3 runs a week without dreading it like I had before. My time is still not where I want it to be, probably not even close but I work at it when I can. I always aim to run no less than a mile, and push myself a little faster each time.

  • Live clutter-free by decluttering/cleaning 2x a month and removing all my sale items from my storage

Some things I just don’t know where to put them! I still have items I’d like to post online for sale, the more pricey still new items people gave me to sell. I’ve already told my boyfriend though that after next yard sale everything will go and no more “to sell” piles for me. I can’t even tell you the joy on his anti-yard sale face!

  • Develop healthy eating habits w/weekly meal prepping and planning

I’m happy to say I’ve become more mindful in my eating choices. I’ve even gotten in the habit of meal planning, its the actual prepping though that I haven’t gotten into the habit of. I’ve found it effective still to plan at the very least as I’ll go get the ingredients I need and even when I fail to prep before my week, my fridge is stocked with healthy choices I can put together during the week. My clean eating and fitness accountability group has also made a HUGE difference and made it easier for me to stay on the healthy track.

  • Build strength and complete a full push-up and pull-up by 2017

Last time I went to the gym I did 10lbs less on the assisted pull-up machine, which was definitely a difference in strength! I have been feeling great following the p90X3 schedule as it’s filled with great upper body moves for me to put up some muscle. I’ve committed to doing only non-knee push ups throughout this program. My range of motion isn’t all the way to the floor yet though but I improve everyday!

  • Grow my blog by blogging 3x a weekvisiting 2 bloggers daily

Obviously I dropped the ball on this goal.

  • Pursue a career in fitness by helping 3 people a month reach their goals

I’m still working at the same office I have been since before graduating. I’m so grateful for the flexibility and my understanding boss. However the position I am in is not one that is in my heart, nor do I have an interest in the industry. I’ve been working more and more with other people in creating healthy habits and am loving it. I’m looking into getting certified in group fitness and personal training in conjunction with the fitness accountability coaching I am currently doing.

  • Create balance w/daily meditation, weekly yoga/pilates practice

Following the p90X3 schedule has kept in accountable in practicing yoga once a week at the very least. I’ve also recently started attending meditation meetups my aunt has begun to host nearby that I’ve found quite refreshing and enjoyable.

  • Learn new skills starting with practicing Spanish daily

Not so much success due to lack of consistency, sadly.

  • Build my social media presence, beginning with Goal: Reach 1K followers by the end of the month by developing a consistent focus with quality photos.

I am officially over 1K followers on my instagram, Thank You all ♥ I’ve put in more time and effort in hopes of sharing content that will inspire others on their health and fitness journey. I love Instagram, which is where majority of my efforts in social media have been placed. I have, however, started up my Facebook Like Page for the same reasons as well as have an outlet to share my blog posts and the posts of other blogger’s I find particularly valuable or just plain fun and interesting!

There you have it! My goal review and now because I’m not a fan of very lengthy posts I’ll end this one here! I will be sharing my new goal setting approach and focus in my next post.

Share some great progress below that you’ve made on some of the goals you’ve set for yourself at the beginning of the year, or some that you are ready to get started on TODAY!

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