Thursday Tryouts: Pilates & Finding Balance

This week has been a strange for me. Due to a slow season for my type of work, we were given the entire week off work this week. It has been strange not having to wake up or having to get out the door at a certain time. Despite my efforts to continue with my normal sleeping routine, it seems my body or rather my mind knows I do not have work and tries to sneak itself more hours of sleeping. At first I was frustrated but then decided that as long as I Continue reading

From Couch to …. My Reveiw of C25K

Welcome to my weekly Thursday Tryouts link-up! A weekly post I share with you my thoughts and experience of things I’ve tried out. Whether you had a positive or not so great experience, feel free to link up your own blog posts of tryout shares by adding your link to the link-up button at the end of this post. Plus don’t forget to mention the link-up in your blog post and link back her Now on to my topic for today!! Continue reading

Thursday Tryouts (#3) – BUTI Yoga

Welcome all to my Thursday Tryout Link-up! A weekly link-up where I aim to share a new adventure I’ve tried out and the experience I had. Feel free to join me every Thursday by sharing a try-out you have had (whether it was a great or not so great experience!) Perhaps you’ll save someone from a bad experience or inspire them to give something new a try they wouldn’t have otherwise!

12231620_1002127859810368_1904750662_nToday’s post is focused on a new form of Yoga I recently tried, BUTI Yoga. Let me start off by saying I’ve never really thought of myself to be a “yogi,” and still don’t because I don’t practice it very often. I’ve always found yoga to be challenging, but relaxing at the same time. I enjoy the soothing music that the instructors play during class, although I almost always am tempted or do fall asleep when we are given minutes to lie on our mats. The first time I took yoga, I was completely lost as I’d never taken classes with many first timers. So the instructors would just throw out all these yoga name titles that I had no idea what they meant. Chaturanga, Vinyasa, Upward Dog, Tree, and I don’t know what else. These names and poses may seem Continue reading

Lazy Girl Booty Workout

Some days you just don’t feel up to lacing up your shoes and getting up and sweaty. Perhaps you are feeling like this today, on Wednesday. I completely understand! It’s hump day! We’re in the middle of the week now and even though we’ve only gone two to three days in of the week its okay if you are already feeling exhausted from your weekly routine. Continue reading

A Newbie Runner’s Perspective – Surf City 5k Recap

This past Sunday I did something I hadn’t done in a while. I ran a 5k race. I have a long love and hate relationship with running that would best be shared in another post. Today I’m just focusing on my most recent race run and the perspective I began and ended the race with. I’ve been super inconsistent with running and cardio in general since I started actively pursuing fitness as a regular part of my lifestyle.

Continue reading

Hump Day Love with a Spankin’ Booty!

Today I am sharing a Tone It Up routine from the weekly schedule this week: Spankin’ Booty! I actually really enjoy this routine and regularly add it to my workouts when I feel like I need to show some booty love, like on hump day! I love the simplicity of booty workouts, but also enjoy challenging new changes in moves. I feel this incorporates both! In this routine you will see Continue reading

My Fitness Journey – Still Here, Going Strong!

Where did the time go!? It is already Week 6 of the Tone It Up Charity Challenge! I know I haven’t posted in regards to my last two weeks, and this is not because I have given up! This girl is here to stay for sure! I have just been quite busy and preoccupied trying to organize many other aspects of my life. Here I am now though at the start of Week 6, Continue reading

Booty Love with Just Four Moves

Happy Hump Day All!

Recently I have been getting more into blog networking. I have had the opportunity to check out some great blog posts this past week which has opened my eyes to delicious recipes, fun craft projects, and (YES!) new workout routines!

Today’s Booty Workout is one I found from Continue reading

25-Minute Booty Workout

This week I didn’t see too many booty routines on the Tone It Up schedule, so off I went to the search option on Pinterest. Who else loves Pinterest!? I particularly enjoy sifting through pins for recipes and workouts, but feel you can find pretty much anything you might need some inspiration for!

This week I stumbled on Pumps & Iron. Below is my favorite booty workout I found on her site! Continue reading

Charity Challenge Week 3 Recap

Here we are at the start of Week 4! I cannot believe that I am actually reaching the half way point of a Tone It Up fitness challenge. I am beyond proud of myself, and if you are right there with me, you should be too! Even if you aren’t with me and you gave up or continue to stumble with keeping yourself on track, DO NOT be discouraged or talk yourself down further! Trust me I know exactly how you might feel because I was there once too. About four times there! I struggled continuously trying to start a challenge but continued to give up having the mind frame that I needed to stick to the exact ramifications set out in front of me and if I veered off even a little I was a failure. I’d fail, give up, and just wait around for the next challenge hoping to do better. This is a big no no though because that is not the mindset that will take you to your desires, goals, or dreams.

The truth is no matter what journey you might pursue whether fitness, business, or personal they are all rocky paths! The key is to make it your own. You can always make the choice to get up and shake it off. There is no “Let me wait for Monday to start,” or “The start of the next challenge will be better.” This is only you postponing the amazing progress you could be making NOW. I can’t imagine where I would be in my fitness progress now if I hadn’t Continue reading